Codeception 1.8.1: Minor updates

Published on December 07, 2013

Codeception 1.8.1 is out. Bugfixes and small useful features in it. The most interesting improvement was done by frqnck. Phar version now has self-update command which acts the same way as it is in composer. From now on you can easily upgrade codeception.phar file.

Small yet important change in WebDriver module. Default wait parameter is set to 0. This was done because Selenium implicit waits didn’t work as expected - this parameter slowed down test execution. Browser waited for element even if it was already on a page. Please notice this on upgrading.


  • upgraded to php-webdriver 0.3
  • added general sendAjaxRequest() method to all framework/phpbrowser modules to send ajax requests of any types by gchaincl.
  • fixed URI construction in Yii1 module by kop(also in 1.7)
  • Fixed Yii2 statusCode by cebe
  • fixed: Placeholder\Registry::unsetRegistry() should only be used with < 2.2.0 by Bittarman
  • waitForElementChange() was fixed in WebDriver module
  • fixed seeLink and dontSeeLink methods in framework modules by enumag.
  • added seeHttpHeaderOnce to REST module for checking if headers appear only once.
  • setUpBeforeClass/tearDownAfterClass method will work as they are expected in PHPUnit
  • Debug::debug can output any variable in console.
  • fixed: “WebDriver makeScreenshot doesn’t create directories” by joksnet
  • fixed grabValueFrom method in framework modules (also in 1.7)
  • fixed: “Disable remote coverage not work” by tiger-seo (also in 1.6, 1.7)
  • self-update command added to phar by frqnck

Dependencies were updated, thus Symfony components were updated to 2.4. No changes to composer.json was made, so this release is compatible with Symfony 2.3 as well.


redownload your codeception.phar for update:


wget -O codecept.phar


wget -O codecept.phar

for composer version

$ php composer.phar update