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User Centric Tests

Codeception provides high-level domain language for tests. Tests are represented as a set of user's actions. $I->amOnPage('/');  ⇒ I am on page '/'
$I->click('Enter'); ⇒ I click 'Enter'
$I->see('Welcome'); ⇒ I see 'Welcome'
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Browser Testing

Tests can be executed using Firefox, Chrome, PhantomJS or Cloud Testing services with Selenium WebDriver. Browser can be emulated with HTTP-requests through CURL with PhpBrowser. Learn More

Framework Testing

Tests can be executed inside a PHP framework. This way web application can be executed without web server to running faster and accessing application internals. Symfony, Laravel, Zend Framework, Yii, Phalcon are supported.
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API Testing

Codeception simplifies REST and SOAP testing. There are flexible commands to test structure and data of JSON and XML responses. Testing can be done over HTTP or inside a framework.
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Behavior Driven Development is aimed to establish one language between development, QA, and business teams. Codeception can execute feature files written in Gherkin format as tests.
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Unit and Integration Testing

Codeception is built on top of PHPUnit and is able to execute its tests. Integration tests can be improved with commands for database interactions.
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Codeception collects and shares best practices and solutions for testing PHP web applications. With a flexible set of included modules tests are easy to write, easy to use and easy to maintain. Codeception encourages developers and QA engineers to concentrate on testing and not on building test suite.

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