Codeception 1.6.8

Published on October 07, 2013

Yet another minor release before the 1.7 comes.

In 1.7 you will see new Selenium WebDriver module, better output formatter moved to Symfony Components, and other useful features. It will come shortly during next week(s). But for now lets list bugfixes contributed by our community members. Thank you all!


  • ZF2 module fixes by Marcelo Araújo.
  • Cleanup for custom enum types in PostgreSQL module by korotovsky.
  • Disabled fields are sent by submitForm method no more. Thx to TrustNik.
  • seeResponseIsXml added to REST module by FnTm. Expect more REST/Xml features in 1.7
  • WebDriver module usage fixed.
  • Fixed unit testing results display when used with CodeGuy object
  • seeElement and dontSeeElement work correctly now.
  • Conditional Asserts work as expected now.
  • seeCookie can be used with different domain set. Thx vkn.
  • fixed submitForm for forms that don’t have submit buttons in PhpBrowser by vkn.


It’s good for you to know, that Russian and Portuguese translations of Codeception Guides were started. If you know either of this langueges (or even both, he-he) please, help us get translations done! By now several chapters are already translated, but you know, there are still lot of work,


redownload your codeception.phar for update:

wget -O codecept.phar

for composer version

$ php composer.phar update