New Addons Page

Published on May 09, 2017

As you know Codeception has a really nice ecosystem with lots of modules and extensions built by the community. Thanks for everyone who invest their time into building better testing tools. Sometimes we accept 3rd-party modules into Codeception core, sometimes we ask contributors to publish them as standalone packages.

Today we’d love to announce a minor but very nice change on our website. We updated the Addons page so community-built modules and extensions would look nice there. The new Addons page looks as slick as a marketplace but everything there is for free!

If you have a helper or an extension that might be useful to others, don’t hesitate to share it! New “cards” format for extensions and modules will make them more visible to others. You can also attach your pictures and set colors for cards to be even more visible (If you think your extensions worth it).

The philosophy of Codeception is: don’t reinvent the wheel, share testing solutions. Spend more time writing tests and not test support code. Get more powerful tools and make testing fun!

There are some tools you definitely should not miss:

and many many others! If you don’t have a module or extension but you still have some experience to share, write a few lines to the Cookbook.

Thamks for reading. Stay tuned for next cool updates!