Codeception 1.0.7 Released.

Published on April 05, 2012

That was quite a long time after last version was released. This time we decided to skip version 1.0.6, just because 1.0.7 looks prettier.

With this release Codeception can be used in CI systems like Jenkins. It’s very easy: you just append ‘–xml’ option for running test and receive xml report in JUnit format stored in ‘tests/_log’ directory. Other popular formats like Json and TAP were added too. Here is a sample report.xml generated by Codeception test suite:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <testsuite name="acceptance" tests="9" assertions="29" failures="0" errors="0" time="41.532108">
    <testcase file="Cli\BuildCept.php" name="test build command (Cli\BuildCept.php)" assertions="5" time="4.016982"/>
    <testcase file="Cli\GenerateCeptCept.php" name="generate sample cept (Cli\GenerateCeptCept.php)" assertions="5" time="15.401255"/>
    <testcase file="Cli\GenerateCestCept.php" name="generate sample cest (Cli\GenerateCestCept.php)" assertions="3" time="3.742880"/>
    <testcase file="Cli\GenerateScenariosCept.php" name="generate scenarios (Cli\GenerateScenariosCept.php)" assertions="3" time="3.668740"/>
    <testcase file="Cli\GenerateSuiteCept.php" name="generate sample suite (Cli\GenerateSuiteCept.php)" assertions="4" time="4.706381"/>
    <testcase file="Cli\RunWithHtmlCept.php" name="check xml reports (Cli\RunWithHtmlCept.php)" assertions="1" time="2.428402"/>
    <testcase file="Cli\RunWithJsonCept.php" name="check json reports (Cli\RunWithJsonCept.php)" assertions="2" time="2.692029"/>
    <testcase file="Cli\RunWithTapCept.php" name="check tap reports (Cli\RunWithTapCept.php)" assertions="2" time="2.459026"/>
    <testcase file="Cli\RunWithXmlCept.php" name="check xml reports (Cli\RunWithXmlCept.php)" assertions="4" time="2.416413"/>

Currently this reports are not perfect as for different file formats and you may lack some important information. For this cases, please create issues on GitHub or in Q&A section.

Thanks to Nikita Groshin new module for Kohana Framework integration was added. Please, check it out for your Kohana projects and leave a feedback.


Also there were some encoding issues, but they are solved easily if you make sure your code and site has a UTF-8 encoding.

Thanks again to all contributors and reporters.

Please update your version via PEAR:

$ pear install codeception/Codeception

or download updated Phar package.

Also you should update Mink, as it uses Zend Framework 2 beta 3 now for PHP browser. All Codeception dependencies can be updated with a single command.

$ codecept install