Codeception 1.5.3

Published on February 08, 2013

Urgent fix for Selenium2 module. It appeared that Selenium sessions were not restarting. The Travis-CI didn’t reveal this problem. Selenium tests were passing as usual, just because there were no session related tasks. Main purpose for 1.5.3 was to release this fix. Some other fixes are also included, but it’s the most important one.


In this release we also introduce very basic implementation of Yii module by Ragazzo. If you use Yii, please try it and help us improve Yii integration. To start using, please review the module documentation and issue description on Github.

Also we’ve got some improvements for AMQP module. Not only queues are cleaned up between tests, but also you can check if messages came to queue, grab them from queues, or publish new messages. This module was tested with RabbitMQ, but it should work with other AMQP providers too. This module is based on php-amqplib.


From now on you can generate classical PHPUnit tests, with no Codeception stuff in it. Just the plain old PHPUnit tests that you can run natively with PHPUnit itself. For this we have new command generate:phpunit

Use it as regular:

php codecept.phar generate:phpunit NewTest

Also generators now support namespaces. So when you type class name with namespaced, Codeception will generate directories (according to PSR-0) and will put namespace into your newly generated file.

Check out sample usages.

php codecept.phar generate:cest \\Entity\\User
php codecept.phar generate:test \\Entity\\User
php codecept.phar generate:phpunit unit \Entity\\User
php codecept.phar generate:phpunit unit "\Entity\User"


redownload your codeception.phar for update:

wget -O codecept.phar

for composer version

$ php composer.phar update