Codeception 1.8.2: Bugfixes

Published on January 30, 2014

Time passed since the previous release. Since 1.8.1 we got a nice list of significant bugfixes and we are ready to publish new stable release. No new features added, actually, but they are coming in new 2.0 branch which is actively developed in this days.


  • [REST] match similar elements in JSON arrays fixed in #837 by blacknoir.
  • generate:pageobject now takes -c option correctly #809
  • [REST] Fixed setting Content-Type header #827
  • [REST] Headers are uppercased according to BrowserKit standard.
  • [Db] records inserted with haveInDatabase now are cleaned in _after event by dirk-helbert #761.
  • [Laravel] Fixed usage of Redirect::back in tests
  • Fixed collecting CodeCoverage using WebDriver/Selenium2 modules.
  • [REST] Fixed “Call to undefined method Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request::getCookies() in codeception/codeception/src/Codeception/Module/REST.php line 352” by casconed #814
  • Fixed: tests run twice if you use .dist.yml config by tomtomsen #582
  • Environments: Test classes was loaded only once in multi-environment mode. Fixed by ayastreb and his nice tokenizer solition #812
  • Excluding running abstract classes in addCest by filipgorny #792
  • [PhpBrowser] Fixed setting cookies from headers
  • [Framework] Form data on page was not cleaned after form submit. So when sending the same form twice, cached data was submitted. This is now fixed.
  • and others…

Also we’ve got a Mockery module for using powerful Mockery framework with Codeception. It is not included in Codeception itself but can be installed via Composer. (Thanks to Jáchym Toušek)

Thanks to all contributors, thanks for getting bug fixed and reported. We are trying to be better with each release.


redownload your codeception.phar for update:


php codecept.phar self-update

for composer version

$ php composer.phar update codeception/codeception

What’s Next

We are moving to Codeception 2.0. It’s first alpha is expected on next week. Stay tuned and get ready for new features!

While developing Codeception 2.0 we released a lightweight task runner Robo. We needed it to run routine tasks for Codeception - building phar archives, merging releases, etc. You may use it as lightweight alternative for Phing or PHP alternative for shell scripts. It’s not very documented, it doesn’t include list of all required tasks, but it will evolve. If you have ideas on improvement, or you want to add more tasks into it - please send Pull Requests.

And thanks to @pfaocle for the feedback on using Robo!