Codecepion 1.5.2

Published on January 21, 2013

Yet another minor release. It introduces more compact form for unit tests.

use Codeception\Util\Stub;

class UserRepositoryTest extends Codeception\TestCase\Test
    protected function _before()
        $this->user = new User();

    public function testUserIsNotAdmin()


We moved all Codeception’s setUp and tearDown routine into parrent class and left you more clean _before and _after methods for your preperations. They act just the same as setUp and tearDown for PHPUnit. So _before is executed before each test and _after after it. Tests should look more clean now. If your tests already have setUp and tearDown methods nothing is changed for them.

Accessing Modules in Unit Tests

Another nice feature for Symfony2 users and not only them. Form now on you can access a module from your unit test. This is done to access public properties of your module. For example, here is how you can retrieve a Symfony Dependency Injection Container:

protected function _before() 
	* @var $container Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Container
	$container = $this->getModule('Symfony2')->container;
	$this->em = $container->get('doctrine');

Also we’d like to announce the upcoming modules for Yii and Laravel frameworks.

In the meantime we will release more complete guides on How to integrate framework to Codeception.


  • Composer build is finally is stable and doesn’t require minimal-stability: dev. Thanks to: jacobkiers.
  • Adding support of pecl_http by phpcodemonkey.
  • Methods of Guy received documentation and examples (phar bug).
  • generate:cest command requires a tested class name no more.
  • PostgreSQL driver improved .


redownload your codeception.phar for update:

wget -O codecept.phar

for composer version

$ php composer.phar update

or via PEAR:

$ pear install codeception/Codeception

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