Download Codeception

Grab Codeception phar executable


Codeception 2.0 and higher requires PHP 5.4 installed. Download latest version of Codeception 1.8.x if you run PHP 5.3

Prepare tests directory and configs

php codecept.phar bootstrap


Install a Composer to your project's root


php composer.phar require "codeception/codeception:*"

From now on Codeception (with installed PHPUnit) can be run as:


Initialize your testing environment with

vendor/bin/codecept bootstrap


Alternative installation method for bugfixing, contributions and hacking

Clone from GitHub:

git clone

Install dependencies with Composer

cd Codeception
curl -s | php
php composer.phar install

Execute bootstrap, specifying path to your directory.

php codecept bootstrap /path/to/my/project

To run tests use -c option for specifing path.

php codecept run -c /path/to/my/project

If you want to build phar package you need to install Robo Task Runner and execute robo build:phar

Don't forget to send Pull Requests!