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Provides testing for projects integrated with Facebook API. Relies on Facebook’s tool Test User API.

To use this module with Composer you need "facebook/php-sdk4": "5.*" package.


Facebook Status for Codeception/Codeception


  • app_id required - Facebook application ID
  • secret required - Facebook application secret
  • test_user - Facebook test user parameters:
    • name - You can specify a name for the test user you create. The specified name will also be used in the email address assigned to the test user.
    • locale - You can specify a locale for the test user you create, the default is en_US. The list of supported locales is available at https://www.facebook.com/translations/FacebookLocales.xml
    • permissions - An array of permissions. Your app is granted these permissions for the new test user. The full list of permissions is available at https://developers.facebook.com/docs/authentication/permissions

Config example

        - Facebook:
            depends: PhpBrowser
            app_id: 412345678901234
            secret: ccb79c1b0fdff54e4f7c928bf233aea5
                name: FacebookGuy
                locale: uk_UA
                permissions: [email, publish_stream]

Test example:

$I = new ApiGuy($scenario);
$I->wantToTest('check-in to a place be published on the Facebook using API');
$accessToken = $I->grabFacebookTestUserAccessToken();
$I->haveHttpHeader('Auth', 'FacebookToken ' . $accessToken);
$I->amGoingTo('send request to the backend, so that it will publish on user\'s wall on Facebook');
$I = new WebGuy($scenario);
$I->wantToTest('log in to site using Facebook');
$I->haveFacebookTestUserAccount(); // create facebook test user
$I->haveTestUserLoggedInOnFacebook(); // so that facebook will not ask us for login and password
$fbUserFirstName = $I->grabFacebookTestUserFirstName();
$I->see('Welcome, Guest');
$I->click('Login with Facebook');
$I->see('Welcome, ' . $fbUserFirstName);

@since 1.6.3 @author [email protected]



Returns the test user access token.

  • return string


Returns the test user email.

  • return string


Returns the test user id.

  • return string


Returns URL for test user auto-login.

  • return string


Returns the test user name.

  • return string


not documented


Get facebook test user be created.

Please, note that the test user is created only at first invoke, unless $renew arguments is true.

  • param bool $renew true if the test user should be recreated


Get facebook test user be logged in on facebook. This is done by going to facebook.com

@throws ModuleConfigException


Please, note that you must have publish_actions permission to be able to publish to user’s feed.

  • param array $params


Please, note that you must have publish_actions permission to be able to publish to user’s feed.

  • param string $placeId Place identifier to be verified against user published posts


Please, note that you must have publish_actions permission to be able to publish to user’s feed.

  • param string $message published post to be verified against the actual post on facebook


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