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Modern Testing in PHP with Codeception on NetTuts Premium

Nettuts+ editor Jeffrey Way prepared the great video series on Nettuts Premium. You should definetely start with them if you prefer learn by watching.

Getting Started with Codeception

In this video Codeception is installed and two tests are written. You will see how to execute them with PhpBrowser and Selenium2. This is my first video, so accept my apologies for the the sound quality.

Getting Started with Codeception from Davert on Vimeo.

Знакомство с Codeception

Getting started video in Russian.

В этом скринкасте я рассказываю как установить и настроить Codeception. А также на примере веб-приложения TenderWay показываю как писать тесты и запускать их под раличными бекендами. Также упомянута работа с БД и очистка данных между тестами.

Знакомство с Codeception from Davert on Vimeo.

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